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Goodwill Manasota leader elected to statewide recycling board

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Goodwill president Donn Githens elected secretary of the Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation board

BRADENTON, FL – In early January, Goodwill Manasota president Donn Githens was elected to the executive board, as secretary, of the Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation (FRPF). Githens – who is representing Goodwill Manasota and the Florida Goodwill Association in this role – will serve a two-year term.

“I am honored to serve our community and the State of Florida on the FRPF board,” Githens said. “Goodwill was founded on sustainability principles, starting in the late 1890s, when founder Reverend Edgar J. Helms began finding salvageable materials to provide to individuals and families in need. I plan to bring these values to the table as we encourage businesses and individuals throughout the state to adopt more sustainable practices in their personal and professional lives.”

Since its founding 120 years ago, Goodwill has been an entrepreneurial leader, environmental pioneer and social innovator of the "reduce, reuse, repurpose" practice. Locally, Goodwill adheres to these values by retrofitting and upgrading facilities to maximize energy efficiency; diverting tens of millions of pounds of goods from local landfills each year through selling, reusing and recycling donations from the community; and partnering with area salvage companies to find revenue-positive strategies for redirecting unsaleable goods. Through its current efforts, Goodwill Manasota recycles approximately 80% of what the organization collects; its ultimate goal is to recycle 100% and be at zero waste.

The mission of the Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation is to educate policy makers, business leaders and the public on the benefits of recycling. Its members believe developing and adopting sustainable business practices will promote recycling, reduce waste, and increase the reuse of materials whenever possible. Visit for more information.

For more about Goodwill Manasota, visit

Photo ID: Goodwill Manasota president Donn Githens

About Goodwill Manasota

Goodwill Manasota is an industry-leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that changes lives through the power of work. With philanthropic donations and revenue generated by the sales of donated goods, Goodwill is able to assist people with disabilities, veterans, seniors, and those with other barriers to employment by providing jobs, job skills training, and free career services. For more information or for a listing of locations, visit or call 941-355-2721.

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