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Goodwill Manasota GoodPartner Coach

Provides mentoring/coaching services to all Goodwill team members. Services include comprehensive family assessment of needs and goal setting for team members and their family members, along with all aspects of life coaching to encourage families to reach their goals and to allow team members to succeed on the job.

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One-On-One Coaching

Life and career goal-setting and financial literacy services for those with barriers to successful employment, including those with significant disabilities.

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Preparing for the Next Milestone

Every Goodwill team member is assigned a GoodPartner Coach. These coaches work with team members on needs assessments to determine barriers to self-sufficiency and identify areas that could be strengthened. The coach can provide training as well as determine access to basic needs such as housing, food and healthcare. Other program elements include creating an individualized development plan and offering case management services to address any issues that might be a barrier to success.

Financial literacy is a key component of the GoodPartner Coach program, with information to help team members become banked, the development of a personal budget, guidance on improving credit scores, and even assistance for employees seeking to purchase a home for the first time.

Empowering and Upskilling

The GoodPartner Coach program offers individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment – more than 65% of Goodwill’s workforce has a self-identified disability or disadvantage – with job training and case management services. The goal of the program is to enable those who may have been overlooked elsewhere to gain positive personal and workplace behaviors and skills, feel the pride of earning a paycheck and move toward self-sufficiency, build a strong work history, and develop the experience and skills to position them for higher-paying jobs outside of Goodwill.

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