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Veterans Sevices
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Helps returning veterans re-acclimate to civilian life and assists them and their families with employment and other services.  We also provide information and referral and case management services. 

Services For Local Veterans

Goodwill responds to the multitude of challenges facing veterans, their families, and the families of those who serve on active duty. Goodwill Manasota’s Veterans Services Program focuses on providing comprehensive case management and vocational services.

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Goodwill Manasota Veterans Icon
Goodwill Manasota Veterans Icon
Veterans Programs

American Veterans And Their Families

Employment Program designed to help all veterans and their family members with the transition from military service, re-acclimation to civilian life and finding meaningful employment.

Job Search classes to better equip veterans and their families to obtain gainful employment. Classes include – Service Provider Day, Resumes, Interviewing skills, and mock interviews. Helps participants assess career goals and identify prospective employers.


(Benefits, Resources and Veterans Education): Provides veterans the opportunity to network with each other in a group setting, facilitated by peers from the local veteran community. Learn about what has worked for others and get involved. Regain that comradery you thrived on while in the service. And if needed, mental health services can also be provided.

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Veterans' Resource Directory

Goodwill maintains an updated comprehensive resource guide outlining the many community resources available to veterans. Download your copy here.

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Special Emergency Resources for Veterans – Assists qualified veterans with emergency needs when there are no other resources for the need. This program is funded by donations from the community.

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Information And Referral Services

Provides information about and referrals to community-based organizations based on the specific needs and eligibility qualifications of the individual. Such services include but are not limited to housing, information about VA benefits, education, veteran groups, AA/NA, treatment programs, legal aid, etc.

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Lutz Buddy Up Manasota

A social group for military and first responders wherein local veterans and first responders connect for an evening of food, fun, and comradery. Whether you fought out of the country or protected us in the country, we have a common bond. We get in a room together and we have a conversation like no other- swapping stories.

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If you would like more information about any of our Veterans Services Programs, please call or email us.

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